TestBot IoT Testing Framework

Modern IoT devices with cloud connectivity call for end to end testing automation as well as automated performance testing for meeting today's demanding quality expectations.

Validate even the complex IoT devices with our TestBot IoT testing framework.


TestBot IoT testing framework support

Functional Testing

End to end testing automation and functionality validation right from physical input to the processed output in the cloud dashboard.

Performance Testing

Ensure performance metrics like battery life, physical interfaces reliability etc. with varying level of load and monkey testing.

Compatibility Testing

Ensure the device is compatible with different type of mobile phones, browser screens, connectivity protocol versions, output interfaces etc.

Security Testing

Validate the security aspect using plugins to third party tools and test cases to do vulnerability testing of the device.

Regulatory Testing

As pre-compliance testing tool, aids in achieving regulatory compliance faster as devices are tested with our inbuilt RAPIDSEA stacks.

Scalability Testing

Ensure the cloud/mobile app/IoT Device can handle large data load by simulating thousands and millions of devices instances.

Looking for end to end testing automation and automated performance testing tool?Check out our TestBot IoT testing framework now!

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