turnkey development services

Turnkey Product Development services

Embien offers superior turnkey product development services that enabled customers to design, develop, manufacture and commercially deploy more than 50+ type of products in the field.

Embien has established a strong ecosystem partnership who support us in achieving the product quality and help accelerate the product development cycles


Electronics product design Offerings

Any turnkey electronic product development involves aspects related to hardware, software and mechanical - which not only requires the skill but also the expertise to design devices and understand the nuances better. In addition to technical knowledge, domain knowledge is also critical as the vision of a product design always inspires for a better output. It also needs a rich set of tools across functions to meet the development needs, which in turn calls for a large investment. Developing hardware and software with a dedicated team may result in a better product, but executing such developments from different firms require team co-ordination and may be hampered due to various reasons.

Embien's turnkey product development services team has rich technical know-how and domain understanding which makes us a one-stop solution for all the embedded product development related needs. Our cross-functional time help customers benefit from our vast skill set and innovate new products with reduced risks and a faster time-to-market. We also have collections of tools and technologies to help design, develop, prototype, and manufacture all components of the product. Our turnkey manufacturing solutions are unique catering to both low-volume and high-volume products.

Turnkey product development expertise.
electronic design

Electronics Design

Low cost MCUs to high performance MPU based designs. Expertise in analog, digital and mixed signal circuits with fully established ecosystem for fab and assembly.

software design

Software Design

Basic non-OS to full-fledged OS like Linux, WinCE, Android, QNX etc. Have designed and developed vast types of embedded firmware covering all automation aspects.

mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering

From compact miniaturized designs to IP rated enclosure designs. Designed tinting machine, injection molding machines, 3-axis motion controllers etc.

optical engineering

Optical Engineering

Expertise in electro-optics and opto-Mechanical designs. Capable of designing and integrating high precision lens with motorized multi-axial gimbal system.