Electronics Product Design Services

Any turnkey electronics product design and development involves hardware, software, and mechanical components - which not only requires skill but also expertise. Domain knowledge is quite critical as the vision of the end application of product always inspires for a better output. A rich set of tools is required to meet the development needs, which in turn calls for a large investment. Electronic product development also demands a lot of effort towards co-ordination between all the parties including logistics, assembly lines and finance.

Embien's turnkey product development services team has rich technical know-how and domain understanding. Together with our turnkey manufacturing solutions partners, we take complete product ownership, design, and develop it, validate with prototypes, co-ordinate with all the vendors and manufacture it successfully without risks. We will remain as your single point of contact, abstracting from all these nuances and letting you focus on your business.

Electronics Product Design Services

How we engineer Products?

Product Feasibility Analysis

Leverage our product engineering expertise to ensure your product idea is fit for the market before even starting the development. We offer:

  • Requirement analysis and study
  • Product idea validation
  • Model eBOM Generation and cost estimation
  • Competitor analysis and bench marking
  • Risk assessment and mitigation strategy
  • High level work planning
  • Budget and timeline estimation

Product Design and Development

Our team dedicates itself in designing the product with utmost care and developing it keeping in factor unique challenges it may bring and performs:

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  • Hardware design and schematic capture
  • BOM optimization and DFM
  • PCB Layout and fabrication
  • Assembly and Board bring up
  • Software development
  • Integration and testing

Product Prototyping and Validation

We ensure the product works as expected in the field before going for mass production and complete full cycle of validation with below activities:

  • Prototype component procurement
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Electro-mechanical integration
  • Enclosure assembly and review
  • Product Verification and Validation
  • Regulatory Conformance testing
  • Design optimization

Product Manufacturing and Support

The last and most important part where the entire assembly team is trained for production with automated testing process. Typical tasks performed are:

  • Procurement and logistics
  • Production Line Set-Up
  • Assembly Guidelines definition
  • Manufacturing Process Validation
  • Test Jig setup at End of Line (EoL)
  • Quality Checklists and checkpoints
  • Product tagging and Packaging
  • Turnkey Product Development Services

    Electronic Products

    Electronic Products

    Low cost MCUs to high performance MPU based designs. Expertise in analog, digital and mixed signal circuits with fully established ecosystem for fab and assembly.



    Servo based designs, stepper motor designs, Multi-axial motions - ball screws, linear guides, multi-point toggling mechanisms, gears, belts/pulley driven etc.

    Electro Optical

    Electro Optical

    Expertise in electro-optics and Opto-mechanical designs. Motion control systems, Frameless torque motors, Voice Coil actuators, Lasers, Gimbal systems, Kinematic Mounts etc.

    Digital Engineering

    Digital Engineering

    A partner in your digital transformation journey offering end-to-end cloud & mobile app development and IoT device engineering services.

    Is your idea ready and looking for wings to fly?

    Embien is here to travel together with you through your product realization journey - feasibility analysis, design and development, prototyping, validation, production and sustenance. One partner to bring them all!!

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    Why Embien?

    Embien has been in the forefront of technological evolution for more than the past 13+ years helping customers realize their vision. Working with more than 20+ large OEM's and Tier 1's, Embien has developed a unique skill set that helps us work across domains. Backed by an enthusiastic team and led by industry veterans, our offerings are unparalleled in quality and speed of execution in the field of turnkey product design. Some of unique advantage we offer to our customers are



    With rich cross-domain expertise, tools, development ecosystem and technical know-how, we are one of the best in this field to productize.

    Faster TTM

    Faster TTM

    We help build products faster and achieve more in given time. Our product development process, frameworks and silicon partnerships make it possible.



    We always take 100 % ownership of the product development, drive it as our own and manage all the vendors as a single point of contact keeping you worry-free.

    Higher RoI

    Higher RoI

    Rather than try managing your project development team in house and develop expertise, achieve better return on investment by partnering with us.

    Engineering Products across Domains

    Embien has been working across industrial domains in developing products catering to that application. Some of the products we helped realized so far are:

    Automotive Electronics: Instrument clusters, infotainment systems, Telematic control units, Motor Control units, GPS loggers, CAN data loggers, etc.
    Industrial Automation: Industrial Protocol Converters, Communication Protocol Gateways, Human Machine Interfaces, SCADA systems, High-Speed High-Precision Data Acquisition Units, Machine Vision Systems, etc.
    Consumer Electronics: Smart Wearable Devices, Trackers, Pill Reminding Devices, Person trackers, Customized Android Tablets, etc.
    Retail: BLE Asset Trackers, Activity Monitors, BLE Beacons and Tags, RFID based Asset trackers, Vision based billing systems, etc.
    Medical Electronics: Spectrometers, Clinical Gas Analyzers, Clinical pH Meters, Digital Vision Charts, Surgical Video Recorders, Laboratory Chemical Analyzers etc.

    We also developed some specialized systems for defense applications that involves precising engineering and strong technical know how.

    Embedded AI Systems

    Other Turnkey Development Services

    Cloud Apps

    With our turnkey Cloud development services, we create cloud based applications that can accelerate your business's move to digital realm.

    IoT Devices

    Our IoT Design engineering capabilities enable you to collect data from your devices and gain business insights to serve customers better.

    Mobile Apps

    Our mobile application team can create engaging and visually stunning Android and iOS apps that help you in your customer engagement.

    FPGA IPs

    With strong background in FPGA development, we offer turnkey development of IPs that is 100% compatible to your requirements at best RoI.

    AI/ML Algorithms

    Embien's AI/ML engineers can identify the right algorithms for your application, develop and package them to effectively handle your data.

    Automated Test Jigs

    For Quality Assurance, we offer turnkey development of automated test jigs that validates your products being developed or manufactured.

    Our Other offerings

    Re-Engineering & Reverse Engineering

    Re-Engineering & Reverse Engineering

    Many products tend to go obsolete for various reasons such as obsolescence of components, technological evolution, etc. Embien offers to re-engineer the product to suit modern business needs and add new features. Apart from the forward engineering services, we also offer reverse engineering services where we can carefully analyze the product, system and environment, infer the design and redevelop the same in accordance to customers’ requirements.

    Optimized for Embedded

    Value Engineering

    To keep up with the competition, it is essential to reduce the manufacturing cost of the product without affecting its functionality and quality. With our proven framework for optimized electronic product design, we help in reducing the BoM, reworking the design for better cost, improving processes, reducing power consumption, increasing automation all the while keeping the output of the optimized product identical to the original.

    Domain Expertise

    Regulatory Compliance

    Embien helps to verify and validate your products for regulatory compliance. Backed with rich experience in certifying electronic products for various automotive, industrial, medical and software process standards, we can significantly reduce the time for certification. With partner labs, we can run pre-compliance tests at much cheaper costs, re-work the design to fix the identified issues and finally go for formal regulatory compliance certification.

    Engagement Models

    Turnkey Manufacturing

    Turnkey Manufacturing

    We take complete ownership of your product development with our turnkey manufacturing solutions catering to both low-volume and high-volume products.

    Technology Transfer

    Technology Transfer

    In this model, we design and develop the product, create prototypes and validate them before transferring the technology to you for further manufacturing.

    Joint Development

    Joint Development

    On a case by case basis, depending on potential, common interests and opportunities, Embien can take up joint development of products with you.

    Our Success Stories

    Automotive eMobility

    EV instrument cluster

    Turnkey development of after-sales vehicle dashboard to replace OEM-fit instrument cluster.

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    Industrial Automation

    Industrial protocol converter

    An Industrial multi-protocol converter and gateway for wind turbine Systems with cloud connectivity.

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    Medical device engineering

    Digital vision chart

    Embien designed and helped manufacture Visual acuity charts in compliance to IEC 62304 regulations.

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