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IoT Device Design – An Overview

Embien – Your Reliable Design Partner

IoT devices and wearables increase convergence between the physical and digital world using sensors and actuators that assist in interacting with the environment around them. Forming a ubiquitous part, IoT devices allow sharing of information from and to a multitude of interconnected system data streams that could be used to extract intelligence. They also bring complex backend structure of systems to the end-user in a simple way.

Over the last few years, smart watches, fitness bands, machine health monitors, vehicle tracking systems, medical devices, pet activity trackers, pet-to-human translators etc. have become popular as they are more compact and accessible to customers in different market segments. At Embien, we design IoT devices, wearables and applications that work with your current assets & systems and assist in acquiring data for improving operational efficiency by leveraging advanced IoT models such as Artificial intelligence and Machine learning that result in high productivity.

Our Expertise


Developed devices using: ARM Cortex M, 8051 from TI, NXP, SoC, SIP, FOTA Upgrade, Wireless Connectivity, Secure, Nordic with Display + Touch on Flexible PCB’s


Embedded Intelligence with algorithms for: Sleep Detection, Person Counter, Self Calibration, Video Analytics, Activities of Daily Living, Fall Detection, Zoning etc.,


Employed sensors like: Accelerometer, Heart Rate Sensor, PPG, SpO2,Occupancy Sensor, IAQ, Force Encoder Sensor, Flow Sensor, Lux Sensor, Temperature sensor, pH, Compass etc.,

UX Design

Accessible and power optimized designs with various battery chemistries for: Technicians, Industrial workers, the Elderly, Autistic and specialized medical care patients.

IoT Design and Engineering

Embien, being a leading provider of IoT Design and Engineering services, possess the required expertise to design and develop IoT Devices and wearables that are innovative yet affordable. We assist clients in conceptualizing use-case scenarios and help build these key components as a part of their end-to-end IoT solutions.

Our pool of expert engineers design smart devices that seamlessly integrate digital and mechanical aspects. They stay updated with the present market standards and incorporate state-of-art sensors in the device designs. With deep domain insights, we take up the complete responsibility of product design and engineering life-cycle thereby enhancing your business growth.

SoC’s TI CC2541, CC2640, CC2650, NXP KW30Z, KW40Z, Renesas RL78/G1D, Nordic nRF52388, Silicon labs and Microchip
Firmware Bare metal/RTOS based, Robust and modular firmware designs optimized for space and power consumption
In-Field Management Management, Over-The-Air Upgrades, IoT One-click supported devices.
Certifications UL, CE, EMC, FCC CSA etc.,

Our Credentials

Embien has developed some quality- competency based credentials with its outstanding service expertise.

  • 500 hours operation with CR2032 battery for- BLE based industrial pH meter
  • Compact form factor of 25mm X 30mm for- An ORP meter with inbuilt BLE antenna
  • Compact wrist wearable for- Patient location/activity tracking with sensors like Lo-Ra, GSM, GPS and MEMS
  • Vibration proof designs for- High impact Industrial asset tracking applications and Industrial IoT devices with LoRa connectivity & AWS IoT Cloud App
  • 15 days- Rapid prototyping for using ZigBee mesh/occupancy sensor based controllers with Cy IoT Tracker
  • Self calibrating Wireless Indoor Environment Monitoring System
  • Precise Oscillation Measurement System
  • Energy Meter Reading using eStorm-B1
  • Remote Data Acquisition System- Rapid Development with eStorm-L1

Internet of Things Devices

IoT Devices are nonstandard computing devices that connect wirelessly to a network. These devices can be imbedded into mobile devices, industrial equipments, environmental sensors and much more.

IoT devices act as an interface between the digital and real world. They communicate sensor data to users as well as share the collected data to a gateway, which later gets transmitted to the cloud for analysis. These devices find applications in domains such as industrial, consumer and enterprise.

During the past few years, IoT devices have evolved from being a consumer novelty to a core part of next-generation IoT ecosystems for businesses across platforms. Our expert engineers design IoT devices with intuitive control features and voice- based assistance to provide a user friendly interface.

Industrial Smart Robotics, Self Driving Tractors, Intelligent Logistics, Smart Oil Field Innovators etc.,
Consumer Door Locks, Smart Speakers, Air Quality Controllers, Healthcare Wearables etc.,
Enterprise Smart Water Systems, Light Panels, Smart Sensors, Thermostats, Span Home, Smart Security etc.,
TI CC2541 based BLE device
TI CC2650 based BLE device
Kinetis K30 device
  • 2.4GHz device
  • BLE Wearable Device Design with Power Optimization and OTA
  • Medical Pill Box
Implantables, Smart watches, Fitness Trackers, Head- Mounted displays, Smart speakers etc.,

Wearable Device Development

Wearables are electronic devices that can be embedded in clothes, worn as accessories or implanted in a user’s body etc., They bring real time access to data, high mobility, and context-awareness to the lives of their users. The hands-free nature of wearable computing devices make it useful for businesses to access important data and information and help researchers, engineers, and technicians to be more efficient at their work.

At Embien, our development team spends considerable time and effort in the R&D of wearable electronic device designs. We hold a profound expertise in evaluating, rationalizing, quick prototyping and productizing wearable solutions from initial concept to effective integrations with wider systems.

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