Windows Embedded Compact BSPs

Embien offers optimized Windows Embedded Compact BSPs for various ARM platforms including iMx6, OMAP MCU's as well as Windows CE BSP Development Services.

Windows Embedded Compact BSP’s

Embien – Provider of ready-to-use solutions

Embien offers ready-to-use Board Support Packages (BSP's) for Windows Embedded Compact, popularly known as WinCE that targets embedded systems. This RTOS is highly optimized for smaller footprint and lower processing power.

Our Windows CE BSP team specializes in developing BSP’s for various ARM processors, right from the early WinCE 4.2 versions to the latest WEC2013 version, by adhering to strict quality standards.

We render proven WEC2013 BSP's from NXP for systems such as Allwinner A20 and Vybrid MCU's. We also offer development and porting services for NXP i.MX6 BSP, TI OMAP BSP etc. and for other customer platforms.

Our BSP’s - Advantages

Time to Market

Our production quality BSP's can significantly reduce your product development time


Customized WinCE BSP porting and optimization services targeting embedded systems

Reliable Device Drivers

Reliable and well tested device drivers and user space libraries for all peripherals

Optimal Power Consumption

Fine tuned for static & dynamic power consumption requirements of embedded system

Allwinner A20 Windows CE BSP

Backed by profound experience in working with various Allwinner processors & WinCE versions, Embien offers production quality WinCE BSP's for Allwinner A20 platform - one of the most popular and powerful low cost micro controller. The WinCE /Allwinner combination provides a huge advantage of running secure and certified Windows OS kernel on low cost ARM platforms.

Powered by dual core ARM Cortex A7 MPCore architecture, the processor has 32KB/32KB L1 caches for each processor and 512KB unified L2 cache that offers an impressive set of peripherals idle for various applications. We provide user - friendly library abstractions for various modules like GPIO, I2C, Clocks and Timers, Interrupt Configuration and DMA

Since Allwinner A20 is tightly coupled with AXP209 PMIC, it can be made to run on multiple Allwinner A20 based development boards with ease. Some of the targeted boards include: Cubieboard2 from Cubietruck, New Marsboard, A20 OLinuXino from Olimax, Orange PI and Orange PI Mini, pcDuino3 series from Linksprite, Banana Pi Boards, and H2 Hummingbird Kit.


Peripherals Supported by Windows CE BSP

Windows CE BSP supports all the major peripherals including:

  • Windows Embedded Compact 2013 kernel with SMP
  • USB Host and OTG
  • GPIO driver with capabilities of interrupt generations from pad
  • TWI (I2C) driver
  • NAND Flash driver
  • SD Card Controllers
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Display support (LCD\VGA\HDMI)
  • Touch Panels
  • Serial ports driver
  • SPI driver
  • RTC and Timers

WinCE BSP for Vybrid MCU's

Embien offers production quality WinCE BSP from NXP for Vybrid MCU's. This production ready BSP enables support for the following features:

  • ARM Cortex - A5 Core
  • I2C Interface, LCD
  • Touch Panel, USB Connectivity
  • SD Card and NAND Flash
  • Ethernet
  • Serial Ports and GPIO Library

These features enable the BSP to take advantage of the Vybrid multi-core micro controller’s powerful processing power. WEC2013 BSP for Vybrid MCU enables immediate deployment of real time Windows application such as: Industrial HMI's, Medical Devices, Home Automation System etc.


Reliable Production Quality BSP's and Porting Services


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