Windows Embedded Compact Training

Our Windows Embedded Compact training program covers all aspects of the development right from porting the OS to a new platform to application development and debugging.

Windows Embedded Compact (or) Windows CE is an RTOS offering from Microsoft that assists major OEM’s to build, design and revamp feature - rich user interfaces & experiences for their certified products.

Our WinCE training program is based on the recent version of OS – WEC2013. Conducted by expert trainers with hands on experience right from the earliest Windows CE 4.2 to the latest WEC2013, Embien’s Windows Embedded Compact course provides valuable insights on the OS and enables better understanding on ways to overcome challenges that lurk during the process of development. Ideal primarily for medical OEM’s, the training can also help in migrating to other platforms

Windows CE Training – What we do?

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Windows CE Training and Development Course

Windows Embedded Compact OS is specifically designed for resource constrained embedded systems, capable of running with less the 128 MB RAM & ROM. At Embien, we conduct this course on an ARM based development kit. The target audience for this course are

  • BSP Engineers working to port OS to different platforms
  • Driver development teams enabling newer drivers on targets
  • Teams migrating from Windows CE 6/older versions to the newer WEC2013/WEC7
  • Application engineers for understanding lower level architecture
  • Optimizing WEC2013 Power and performance
In this workshop, a rich user interface and a driver set with peripheral interfaces such as: display, touch panels, USB host/Devices, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, etc. are provided to offer a qualified hands- on training. This highly customizable course content offers numerous choices to application developers by its combination with Microsoft technologies such as .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, MFC, Win32 etc.,

Engineers who migrate from Windows CE 6/older versions to the newer WEC2013/WEC7, optimize the power and performance of WEC2013 & port OS etc., benefit the most through this training.

A detailed description of the customizable course contents are listed below. We are open to modifications and are ready to provide development courses that best suit the requirements and confine to the constraints like timing, duration and syllabus.


Course Syllabus

Course Duration : 2 to 4 days

Architecture and Basic Features
  • Embedded Devices Overview
  • Windows Embedded Jargon
  • WEC 2013 Features
  • Differences wrt WEC6, WEC7
  • Memory Management
  • Scheduler and Synchronization
Creating and Building an OS Design
  • Platform Builder
  • Build Process
  • Pre-Sysgen, Sysgen, Build, MakeImage
  • Configuration Files
  • Command line build
  • Building - Tips and Tricks
WEC2013 Platform
  • WEC Source Code
  • SharedSource
  • Directory Structure
  • BSP and CSP
  • Public and Private Code
  • Cloning Code
  • CSP Overview
  • Porting to new processor
  • Interrupt and Scheduling
  • Loading OS
  • Passing Arguments
  • Run Time image layout
  • BSP Overview
  • Bootloader
  • OAL
  • Catalog
  • KITL
WEC2013 Drivers
  • Architecture
  • Buffers and Memory Access
  • Kernel Mode vs User Mode Drivers
  • Hardware Access
  • Interrupt Handling
Major Drivers
  • Streaming Interface Drivers
  • UI Display Driver
  • UI Touch Drivers
  • SD Bus Drivers
  • Network Drivers
USB Drivers
  • USB Host Drivers
  • USB Device Drivers
  • USB Function Drivers
  • USB OTG Drivers
  • Custom USB Drivers
Other Drivers
  • I2C Driver
  • SPI Drivers
  • Power Management
  • Custom Driver Framework
  • Libraries for custom Drivers
  • SDK Creation
  • Internationalization
  • Optimization
WEC2013 Debugging
  • Driver Debugging
  • Memory DebugTools
  • Remote Tools
  • Profiler
  • TimelineViewer
  • Post MortemDebugger
Application Development
  • Application Frameworks
  • Winsock Programming
  • HTTP/Telnet/FTPD servers
  • DirectShow application
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded Tools
  • Application Debugging

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