Security Audit and OS Hardening

At Embien, we help customers in identifying potential threats & vulnerabilities in the system through specialized security audit services

It is estimated that 20 per cent of all industrial control systems have critical security issues. Embien, being a cyber security service provider has incorporated security as a part of its design process, right from requirement gathering to product deployment and on-field maintenance. Our engineers are trained to incorporate cyber security as a part of their thought process. While this is achieved with minimal effort in the product designs, we do, we also help customers improve the security quotient of the devices that they have already developed. Our Security Audit services help identify potential threats & vulnerabilities in the system. Our team can plug the holes by performing Black Duck Audit, OS hardening, Security re-architecting etc.

Security Audit and OS Hardening – An Overview

Embien – We transform your device security

Our Technical Prowess

Experts in the field of cyber-security with rich experiences working with Fortune 500 companies and critical industries. With specialized focus on embedded systems and IoT devices.
Expertise on open source and commercial tools like SonarQube, Black Duck etc
JTAG/SWD lock out, Flash OTP/Write Protection, Authenticated Debug bridge
Image Signing, Firewalls, ACLs, Root file system and unnecessary services clean up
Linux Security Modules like AppArmor and SELinux for Linux and Android systems

Threat and Vulnerability Analysis

Embien believes Cyber-security for embedded IoT devices should be incorporated as a process in the product design methodology and strongly advocates the same. We have helped numerous customers adopt their security centred development process and have perform security audits for their system. With hands-on experience in various cyber-security tools like Black Duck, we have helped identify vulnerabilities like Buffer overflow, input validation, argument handling etc. We employ compiler defences mechanisms such as executable space protection, address space randomization, stack checks and code obfuscations to further protect the system.

With our guidance, cyber-life cycle management can be adopted quickly to the process. Periodic reviews are done and updates rolled our securely keeping the system protected. We also specialize in vulnerability monitoring and mitigation.

To offer an unprecedented security to your products or to perform cyber-security audit for your IoT based devices, get in touch with us today!


Operating System Hardening

With Security Audit done and improvement area’s identified, our team can work on the same one by one armed with numerous operating system hardening techniques. Area for side channel attacks such as power analysis/timing attacks are minimized. All the unnecessary network ports are closed to prevent attack surface. No communication in unencrypted format allowed as much as possible. For those not possible, the attack vectors are reduced by careful obfuscation techniques. To overcome attacks such as Denial of service, flooding or bricking, we have developed redundant mechanisms and ensured availability.

We have incorporated tamper detection hardware such that even an unauthorized access will initiate protective and reactive actions. We have incorporated Linux Security Modules such as AppArmor and SELinux as underlying layer of kernel security and have blocked out all the ports and unnecessary software. Other defensive mechanisms like OTP Fuses, JTAG/Debugger blocking, debug ports disablements are followed. We specialize in developing hardened android OS as well.

Run time security audits and reporting support have helped in quick identification and mitigation with faster patches and updates.

Perform specialized security audits for your embedded devices with Embien’s assistance

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