iMX6 based Evaluation Board - TANIA

Embien provides an i.MX6 based Evaluation Board TANIA offering ARM Cortex™- A9 @ 1.2GHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core. It is designed to enable quick access to all the features offered by i.MX6 based LEILA. TANIA module helps evaluate the feature and performance of certain selected products that demonstrate optimized test solutions for application designs. i.MX6 based TANIA is ideal for applications such as: vibration monitoring, sonar, general data acquisition etc.,
  • Leila CPU Board- iMX6 With Solo, Dual, Dual lite and Quad processors
Display & Touch Interface
  • LVDS- x2 LVDS 24 bit channels
  • HDMI- x1 HDMI 1.4a Display interface
  • DSI- x1 DSI interface
  • Capacitive Touch Panel- x 1 I2C or USB
LAN and Wireless
  • Gigabyte Ethernet- x1(10/100/1000) Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth- Support for Wireless modules family WL18xx
  • Input -x 1 microphone input jack 3,5 mm
  • Amplified Input-x 1 2.1 W stereo output
  • Headphone Out- x 1 stereo headphone out
Serial Interface
  • UART- x3 RS232; x 1 RS485
  • USD-x2 2.0 High speed
  • SPI- x2 con 2 chip select
  • CAN- x1 CAN 2.0
  • I2C- x2
  • PCIe- x1 mPCIe connector
  • JTAG -x 1connector JTAG
  • USD- x1 USD connector
  • SATA- x1 SATA connector
  • CSI- x 1 16 bit Camera input
  • 2D/3D graphic acceleration- x1
I/O Interface
  • GPIO- up to 60
  • PWM- x3
  • LED-x3 user defined
  • Push Button- x1 ON/OFF; x 1 reset x 1 user defined
  • Watch Dog- Hardware watch dog
Electrical specifications
  • Power Supply – Range 9-48V DC
  • Supply current monitoring- 5 and 3,3V current and power monitoring
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions- DIN Format 12 Modules 210mm x 86mm
  • Minimum availability – 2028
Block Diagram
Ordering Info

i.MX6 based Evaluation Board TANIA is intended solely for evaluation, design and testing purposes. These modules reduce development time by offering a set of versatile interfaces such as: Capacitive Touch Panel, Camera Input, JTAG, Audio interfaces, Gigabit Ethernet, Watchdog, DDR etc., JTAG present on the board is used for verifying and testing designs and printed circuits. Audio interfaces such as: microphones, amplifiers and headphones empower high-end audio designs by enabling premium sound quality.

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