i.MX6 based SBC TANIA - offered from NXP processor family ARM Cortex™- A8@ 1GHz Quad/ Dual/ DualLite/Solo core is intended solely for the evaluation, design and testing purposes of all the features offered by the i.MX6 based LEILA.

i.MX6 SBC TANIA is specially optimized for In-Vehicle Infotainment Systems. It helps evaluate the feature / performance of Instrument Clusters & assists in executing optimized test solutions for various application designs.

Embien’s i.MX6 SBC TANIA is suitable for applications such as: Telematics Device, 2D Graphic Instrument Cluster, BLE Based On-Board Diagnostics Device, PoC for Vehicle Telematics Device, MirrorLink Based Screen Mirroring, Vibration Monitoring, Rear View Camera, General Data Acquisition and QNX Port on iMx6 based Automotive Platforms.

  • Leila CPU Board- iMX6 With Solo, Dual, Dual lite and Quad processors
Display & Touch Interface
  • LVDS- x2 LVDS 24 bit channels
  • HDMI- x1 HDMI 1.4a Display interface
  • DSI- x1 DSI interface
  • Capacitive Touch Panel- x 1 I2C or USB
LAN and Wireless
  • Gigabyte Ethernet- x1(10/100/1000) Ethernet
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth- Support for Wireless modules family WL18xx
  • Input -x 1 microphone input jack 3,5 mm
  • Amplified Input-x 1 2.1 W stereo output
  • Headphone Out- x 1 stereo headphone out
Serial Interface
  • UART- x3 RS232; x 1 RS485
  • USD-x2 2.0 High speed
  • SPI- x2 con 2 chip select
  • CAN- x1 CAN 2.0
  • I2C- x2
  • PCIe- x1 mPCIe connector
  • JTAG -x 1connector JTAG
  • USD- x1 USD connector
  • SATA- x1 SATA connector
  • CSI- x 1 16 bit Camera input
  • 2D/3D graphic acceleration- x1
I/O Interface
  • GPIO- up to 60
  • PWM- x3
  • LED-x3 user defined
  • Push Button- x1 ON/OFF; x 1 reset x 1 user defined
  • Watch Dog- Hardware watch dog
Electrical specifications
  • Power Supply – Range 9-48V DC
  • Supply current monitoring- 5 and 3,3V current and power monitoring
Mechanical specifications
  • Dimensions- DIN Format 12 Modules 210mm x 86mm
  • Minimum availability – 2028
Block Diagram
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